Jean Darling: New Documentary for Our Gang Silent Film Star

Friends of Jean Darling (August 23, 1922 – September 4, 2015) are making a feature length documentary about her nine-decade career as an entertainer When Jean Darling, actress, singer, author, passed away


Jean Darling – A Personal Reminiscence by Jay Weissberg

Jean Darling, actress, singer, author, friend, passed away in September A documentary is being planned about her incredible life; find out more and about how you can help Jay Weissberg, Variety


Making Yet More Noise: Interviewing the Women Behind the New BFI Suffragettes in Silent Film Collection

Rebecca Harrison interviews two of the prime movers in this groundbreaking and timely theatrical and DVD release From the determined expressions of women marching past cameras at protests, to the


Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide

“Nosferatu – Does this word not sound to thee like the midnight call of the Bird of Death? Take care in saying it, otherwise the images of life will fade to shadows, and ghostly dreams will rise from your heart and nourish themselves on your blood.”


Make More Noise! Suffragettes in Silent Film – New BFI DVD Collection

“You have to make more noise than anybody else, you have to make yourself more obtrusive than anybody else, you have to fill all the papers more than anybody else.


Giveaway: Win a Lubitsch in Berlin (1918–1921) 6-DVD box set

That’s right: one lucky silent film fan will soon be the proud owner of a brand new DVD box set! It’s time for Brenton Film’s first giveaway and we’re kicking thing


The Marx Brothers’ Lost Film: Getting to the Bottom of a Mystery

The Marx Brothers quickly rose to become the undisputed kings of vaudeville and Broadway They went on to craft an equally successful, almost perfectly formed body of madcap movies Influence


The Making of Stan Laurel: Echoes of a British Boyhood

The Making of Stan Laurel: Echoes of a British Boyhood author Danny Lawrence reminds us of Stan’s contribution to film comedy and lasting influence on this, the 50th anniversary of


Artificial Eye’s New UK Chaplin Blu-rays Reviewed

Charlie Chaplin Competition: Win Artificial Eye Blu-rays and DVDs! Artificial Eye, current UK licensees of his feature films, have released them in new editions Here’s the lowdown on the latest


Blu-ray and DVD Region Codes and Video Standards

Most DVDs and Blu-rays are region-locked and cannot be played in other countries That is, unless you’ve equipped yourself with multi-region audio/video equipment Region locking is often at the insistence