A Veteran at 21: Chatting With Actor and Silent Film Musician Seamas Carey

When is a piano not a piano? When it belongs to accomplished actor, musician and playwright, Seamas Carey! Taking it from the top: this multi-talented young man fills us in on


London’s Hollywood: The Gainsborough Film Studio’s Silent Years

Film historian Gary Chapman delivers definitive study of seminal British film studio’s illustrious beginnings Originally called the Islington studio, it’s a fascinating glimpse of its history and magnificent silent-era output Featuring a cast of


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 3

Early Reissues As the Little Tramp’s popularity grew, so did the scale and complexity of his films They became longer and more sophisticated as he moved to bigger studios Each time Chaplin moved on,


British Silent Film Festival and Symposium News

The four day British Silent Film Festival is back, but first we’ve another symposium and film screening – exciting times! That’s right: the British Silent Film Festival is set to


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 2

The Bad, the Ugly and the Good Continuing this unique roadmap to Chaplin’s vast back catalogue We’ve covered the what it is; now for the how and why it is There’s a huge disparity


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide

Charlie Chaplin is the most popular and enduring star of the silent era But his films on home video are a minefield for collectors everywhere Working out where to start