Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The British Years in Print, Part 2

Best of the Rest Numerous Hitchcock books make mention of his very successful pre-Hollywood phase But most only do so cursorily; few have a sizeable amount of well-informed content However,


Nosferatu History and Home Video Guide: Die zwölfte Stunde (1930)

First ever vampire film was reshot, recut and reissued in sound Methodology also practised by the world’s most famous quack doctor The same ignominious fate befell many contemporary silent films


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

The Master of Suspense’s first international success His own big budget US remake followed two decades later Contrary to popular belief, he actually preferred the original It helped make an


Silent Film Musicians Directory, Part 2

The Americas The most comprehensive worldwide listing of musicians and composers ever published Find favourite accompanists or the right artist for your screening or scoring project There are currently around