British Silent Film Festival Symposium 2016

by Brent Reid

The flagship of British silent film appreciation and rehabilitation returns – so get your diaries out!

Save the date: this year’s British Silent Film Symposium is set for Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of April at King’s College London, its regular home. A two-day event for the first time, Thursday will consist of a full day of screenings in King’s excellent theatre. As is par for the course, they’ll be accompanied by some of the finest silent film musicians in the world. The programme is still being worked on but first to be confirmed is a rare outing for the acclaimed propaganda film, The Battle of the Somme (1916).

The Battle of the Somme (1916) original screening invitation card

Original screening invitation card

The following day sees the actual symposium, organised by Dr Lawrence Napper, KCL Lecturer in Film Studies and author of The Great War in Popular British Cinema of the 1920s (2015).

11th April 2016 update: the entire programme is now available here: event listing and links.

British Silent Film Festival Symposium Call for Papers

The British Silent Film Festival affords scholars, archivists and enthusiasts the opportunity to re-asses film-making in Britain between 1895 and 1930. By bringing forgotten films out of the archive, and encouraging scholarly activity that can place those films in appropriate production and reception contexts, the festival has been the driving force behind a complete re-appraisal of what was previously an almost unknown cinema.

This one-day symposium is intended to complement the festival itself – an opportunity to consider the achievements and the key debates brought to light by the festival, and to discuss the new directions that future research may take.

200 word proposals for 15 minute papers are invited on any aspect of film-making and film-going in Britain from 1895-1930. We encourage submissions from early career researchers and independent scholars, and this year especially welcome papers which respond to the themes of the most recent festival, and the current AHRB project on ‘British Silent Cinema and the Transition to Sound’.

Proposals should be submitted by March 29th to:

Lawrence Napper email address

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10th April 2019 04:19

The poster is for the 1927 film The Somme released by New Era Films, not the 1916 The Battle of the Somme.

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