Our Worldwide Events Calendar includes silent and early film related screenings and festivals, shows and plays, talks and conferences, and more besides. YOU CAN ALSO ADD YOUR OWN EVENTS and they’ll be promoted via our social media! Read our guidelines before filling out the form. Fill all relevant fields and check carefully before submitting. If your entry requires too much editing it is possible it won’t be published.

  • Event Title: Make it distinctive and descriptive, eg “Ben Hur Live in London with Carl Davis and the Philharmonia Orchestra” is better than plain ol’ “Ben Hur Live”
  • Event Description: The more detail the better. Include any relevant links, eg to speakers’ websites
  • Event Categories: Tick all that apply
  • Event Image: Always include one
  • Event Time and Date: Must be correct!
  • Venue Details: Must be fully filled out; Google Maps requires a postcode. The Website field is for the venues own website URL
  • Organiser Details: Not compulsory, but helps. Note that all info entered is publicly viewable
  • Event Website: The actual event page URL, usually found on the venue’s website, with a link or details for buying tickets
  • Event Cost: Add relevant currency symbol and cost, eg “$7” or “$7–12”.
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