Win tickets to the test screening of brand new silent film London Symphony!

Brenton Film is delighted to give away one pair of tickets to the test screening of a brand new city symphony.

As some of you might remember, towards the end of 2014 a group of London-based filmmakers ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise money to make a new silent film, a modern-day city symphony. It follows in the grand tradition of renowned films such as Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927) and Man with a Movie Camera (1929). Their film, entitled London Symphony, has been described by the filmmakers as “a poetic journey through the city of London. It is both a cultural snapshot and a creative record of London as it stands today. The point is not only to immortalise the city, but also to celebrate its community and diversity.”

London Symphony (2016) poster

London Symphony (2016) poster

After over fourteen months of hard work, the filmmakers are near to finishing London Symphony and on 22nd February will be holding a test screening in central London. Test screenings are a common part of the filmmaking process, and allow filmmakers to gain audience feedback on their film prior to completion.

The filmmakers are now very kindly offering one lucky reader of Brenton Film the opportunity to win two tickets – worth £25 each – to the screening. This is an exciting opportunity to be among the first people to see London Symphony, and to offer feedback which may have a direct impact on the final film.

London Symphony (2016) statue bearing olive branch

To enter, simply email the filmmakers on with your name and phone number and ‘Brenton Film Competition’ as the subject. Entries will be accepted until midnight on Friday 19th February, after which time a winner will be chosen at random. Please only enter if you are free to attend the screening, at 6:45pm on Monday 22nd February in central London.

We’re very excited about London Symphony, and will be writing more about the film once it’s released. Don’t miss your chance to be one of the very first people to see it by entering the competition!

For more information please visit the London Symphony website.

London Symphony (2016) soldier on horseback statue silhouette


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