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Melody Hour (1934) by Louis Icart (1888–1950), aquatint with hand-colouring

Melody Hour by Louis Icart (1888–1950)

It’s often said that music is half the film, and this is especially true of silents. Whether it be a restored DVD, Blu-ray, DCP or an actual print, it’s vitally important that all silent films have appropriate, good quality musical accompaniment. This is a listing of most of the best musicians performing in the world today. Although many regularly play internationally, they are categorised by their main countries of residence and listed alphabetically by their full names. For example, both Lillian Henley and the Live Film Orchestra are under ‘L’. If you have any suggestions for musicians or links not listed, let me know.

Musicians and promoters are welcome to tag or message me on social media for sharing events.

The Cinema Pianist: How to Become One by S. Turnbull, The Musical Mirror, March 1928

Although work in the cinema is undoubtedly attractive, it does not suit everybody. If a person has an artistic temperament of high quality, also the ability to teach or otherwise earn money, he had better leave the cinema alone. The continued and forced playing of piece after piece does not give much scope for originality, and often tends to kill interest in music – as real music. It would be better for such a musician to earn his living in real surroundings, where he can develop himself to the fullest extent and no doubt profit by so doing. But for others who are not so highly developed musically or temperamentally, the cinema offers as many opportunities as any branch of the musical profession.

– But what does he know? Courtesy of Neil Brand’s excellent minisite, The Originals.

A Warming Flame – The Musical Presentation of Silent Films by Gillian Anderson. Excellent essay on pages 13–50  of Music for Silent Films 1894–1929: A Guide (1988, reprinted 2011).

Silent Film Sound & Music Archive: website, Facebook, Twitter


Woman atop a piano in a state of déshabillé, 1920s


Kabusacki Band: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter


Blue Grassy Knoll: website, FacebookWikipediaYouTubeYouTube#2YouTube#3

David Johnston: website, ATOSYouTube, YouTube #2

Elaine Loebenstein: website, YouTube

Mauro Colombis: Music Teachers Online, Australia’s Silent Film FestivalYouTube, Vimeo

New Pollutants: Wikipedia, Metropolis Rescore videos, MR soundtrack

The New Pollutants Metropolis Rescore

Viola Dana: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo


Gerhard Gruber: website, silent film repertoireblog (inactive), Facebook, Twitter, GermanEnglish Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Orchester Filmharmonie: website, Facebook, YouTube


Anselmo Mancini: website, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud


Andrew Downing: website, YouTube

Clark Wilson: website, ATOSAug 2011 article

Del Bel: website, Facebook, Twitter

Fern Lindzon: website, blogFacebook, Twitter, YouTube

Gabriel Thibaudeau (composer): website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Hilotrons: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Jordan Klapman: website, Facebook, Twitter

Laura Silberberg: website, Twitter, Canadian Music Centre

Robert Bruce (composer): website, Facebook, YouTube

Silent Film Ensemble: Facebook, Twitter, BandCampVimeo

VOC Silent Film Harmonic: Facebook, Jan 2013 article, SoundFM interview seriesVimeo

William O’Meara: website, YouTube


Hillel Tokazier: website

Lau Nau: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Trio Mutual/Janne Kuusinen: website, Twitter


Art Zoyd: website, FacebookFrench | English Wikipedia, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Nosferatu score

Jean-François Zygel: Enzo Productions page, pageFrench | English Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, 2015 interview2016 interview

Jeremy Baysse: website, YouTube, VimeoSoundCloud

Quatuor Prima Vista: website, website#2French | English Wikipedia, YouTube

Laurent Pontoizeau: website, Facebook, YouTube

Serge Bromberg: websiteWikipedia, IMDbFacebookSept 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and Dec 2018 interviews

Touve R. Ratovondrahety: website, Twitter, WikipediaOct 2012 interview, YouTube


Aljoscha Zimmermann Ensemble: website – also see Aljoscha Zimmermann

Andreas Benz: Facebook, 2008 article

Antonio Bras: website, Facebook, YouTube

Ascolta: website

Bernd Schultheis (composer; active?): website, YouTube, IMDb

Bernd Wilden: Musikverein der Stadt Bielefeld profileOct 2007 interviewJan 2011 article

Cabaza: Wikipedia, YouTube

ChamberJazz: website

Daniel Kothenschulte: Wikipedia, Sept 2015 article, YouTube

Dirk Kuntze aka DJ D’dread: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, April 2013 interviewFeb 2016 articleYouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Drums and Movies: website

Eiston: website

Ekkehard Wölk: blog, YouTube, Wikipedia2009 interview

ensemble KONTRASTE: website, FacebookYouTube

Eunice Martins: website, YouTube, Vimeo

Europäische FilmPhilharmonie: website, Facebook, Wikipedia

Filmorchester Babelsberg: website, Wikipedia, Vimeo

Florian C. Reithner: website, Aug 2015 article, YouTubeYouTube #2, SoundCloud

Frank Bockius: website, YouTube, Vimeo

Franz Danksagmüller: website, Musikhochschule LübeckWikipedia, YouTube, YouTube #2

Günter Buchwald: website, TwitterOct 2011 interview, YouTube, Vimeo

Hans Brandner: website, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Harry Kulzer: website

Helmut Imig (conductor/composer): websiteWikipediaYouTube, Vimeo

Hui-Chun Lin: website, Facebook, YouTube

Interzone perceptible: website, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube

Joachim Bärenz: webpageIMDb, Aug 2008 interviewOct 2015 article, YouTube

Klavierduo Kolodochka: website, Facebook, YouTube

Lucía Martínez: website, FacebookWikipedia, YouTube, YouTube #2, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Marie-Luise Bolte: website, YouTube

Mathias Rehfeldt: website, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

M-cine: website, FacebookTwitterMarch 2015 articleYouTube, Vimeo

Michael Klubertanz: website, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Molitors Stummfilmtheater: Band-Book

Die Negerländer: website, YouTube

Otto Maria Krämer: website

The Penguin Walkers (ex-Trio Celluloid): website

Picture Palace music: website, Facebook, Facebook group, YouTube, VimeoSoundCloud

PhonoKlangGalerie: website

Richard Siedhoff: website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, 2014 video profile

Salon Orchester Berlin: website, Facebook, Vimeo

Silentones (active?): website

Staatsorchester Braunschweig: website, FacebookWikipedia, YouTube

Stadtorchester Holstenwall: website

Stephane Mottoul: website, Twitter, YouTube

Stephan Graf von Bothmer: website, website #2, Facebook, Wikipedia, Aug 2007 interviewYouTube

Stefan Heidtmann: website, website #2

Stefan Moser: website

stummfilm:dj: website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Tilo Augsten: website, YouTube

Trioglyzerin: website, Facebook, Twitter, Feb 2014 article, SoundCloud

Tuten und Blasen (Toot and Bubbles): website, Facebook

Uwe Oberg: website, Facebook, Vimeo

Wanderkino: website, Website #2, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Werner Cee: website, webpage, Wikipedia, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Werner Küspert: website, YouTube

Werner Loll and Gerhard Breier: website, April 2013 interview

Wolfgang Zettl: website

Wilfried Kaets: website


Antonio Coppola: website, YouTube

Edison Studio: website, FacebookYouTube

Giardini di Mirò: website, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Gillian Anderson (composer): website, YouTube

Giovanni Renzo: website, Facebook, Nov 2014 article, YouTube

Billi Brass Quintet: website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud

Marco Dalpane: website, YouTubeVimeo

Mario Mariani: website, Facebook, TwitterEnglish | Italian Wikipedia, IMDb, YouTube, Vimeo

Michele Catania: Facebook, YouTube,

Roberto Musci: website, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, VimeoSoundCloud

Romano Todesco: website, YouTube

I Solisti Lombardi: website

Zerorchestra: website, YouTube


Joe Hisaishi (composer): website, Facebook, Wikipedia, IMDb, YouTube

Mie Yanashita: webpage, Facebook, TwitterTumblr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo


Ensamble Cine Mudo: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


Anne-Maartje Lemereis: websiteTwitter, YouTubeSoundCloud , July 2017 and Nov 2017 interviews

Daan van den Hurk: website, FacebookMuziekschool CeresNederlands Silent Film Festival

The Houdini’s: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Hugo van Neck: website, YouTube

Kinetophone: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VimeoSoundCloud

Marco Llano: website, Facebook, YouTube

Maud Nelissen: website, YouTube, Vimeo

Yvo Verschoor: website, YouTube, Vimeo

New Zealand

Johannes Contag (composer): website, Vimeo, Vimeo #2, Aug 2016 interview


Halldor Krogh (composer): Lillehammer University College, MusikkteknikkIMDb, YouTube, YouTube #2, YouTube #3


Czerwie: websiteFacebook, YouTube, YouTube #2


Charlie Mancini: website, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramMay 2015 interview, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud


Andrej Goričar: Franc Šturm Music School, Wikipedia, YouTube, YouTube #2


Caspervek Trio: website, Facebook, Twitter, A Year with Caspervek Trio (2015) free ebook | alt linkYouTube, Vimeo

Javiér Pérez de Azpeitia and The Silent Band: webpageinterview, YouTube

Jordi Sabatés: website, Wikipedia, YouTube

2UT: Facebook, YouTube


Matti Bye: website, Matti Bye Ensemble, FacebookWikipediaIMDb, April 2015 interviewrotor records, YouTubeVimeo, SoundCloud

Greta Garbo playing a ukelele in Torrent (1926)

Greta Garbo in Torrent (1926)


Armin Brunner: website, YouTube

Olav Lervik: website, YouTube, Vimeo


Albert Lamb: Facebook, books on Amazon

Antwerp: Facebook, TwitterBandCamp, YouTube

British Sea Power: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeYouTube #2, Vimeo

Bronnt Industries Kapital: website, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Buster Birch: website, TwitterYouTube

Carl Davis (composer): website, Facebook, TwitterWikipediaIMDb, April 2010 | Feb 2011 | March 2011 | Oct 2016 interview, YouTube, Vimeo

Napoléon (1927) scored by Carl Davis

Cinematic Orchestra: website, fansite, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo, Vimeo #2

Cipher: website, YouTube

Costas Fotopoulos: websiteFeb 2013 interview, YouTube, YouTube #2

Counterpoise: website, YouTube

Covent Garden Sinfonia (ex-Orchestra of St Paul’s): website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Cyrus Gabrysch: website, Facebook, Twitter

Daniel Patrick Cohen (composer): website, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramJune 2012 articleYouTube

Darius Battiwalla: website

Dmytro Morykit: medotcom, website, Facebook, TwitterSoundCloudMay 2014 interview, YouTube, Amazon

Dodge Brothers: website, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Donald MacKenzie: website, Twitter, Vimeo

Ed Hughes (composer): website, website #2TwitterWikipedia, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo

Elizabeth-Jane Baldry: website, website #2, Twitter, Twitter #2, YouTube, Vimeo

Elysian Quartet: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Forrester Pyke: Music Teachers, Scotland on Screen, Nov 2013 interview

Geoff Smith: website

Gladstone’s Bag: Facebook, Enterprise Music Scotland

HarmonieBand: website, FacebookYouTube, YouTube #2

In the Nursery: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Irene Buckley (composer): website, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Jane Gardner: website, Twitter

Jan Kopinski: website, Facebook, YouTubeSoundCloud

Jean Hasse (composer): Bristol University, Vimeo

John Altman (composer): Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDbOct 2009 bio and interview, YouTube

John Lenehan: website, Upbeat Classical

John Sweeney: website, Twitter, YouTube

Jonathan Best: website, FacebookTwitterYouTube, Vimeo

Jonathan Eyre: website, Facebook, Twitter, GigShout

Josh Johnston: website, Twitter

Larry McGuire: ATOS

Laura Rossi: website, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Lillian Henley: website, Twitter, Dec 2015 interview, YouTube

Live Film Orchestra: website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo

Lola Perrin: website, Twitter

Lucky Dog Picturehouse: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeYouTube #2

Matthew Bason: website, Facebook, Twitter

Mazaika: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Meg Morley: website, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYouTube, July 2017 interview

Michael Holmes: OrganFax, Last Minute Musicians

Mike Nolan: Twitter

Michael Nyman (composer): website, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDb, YouTube

Minima: website, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo

Neil Brand: website, Facebook, Twitter, WikipediaIMDb, Nov 2015 | Oct 2016 interview, YouTube, Vimeo, Vimeo #2

Orlando Consort: website, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Peter Urpeth: blog, Twitter, FaclanYouTube

Robin Harris: websiteMusicTeachers, YouTube, Vimeo

Seamas Carey: website, Twitter, April 2015 interview, BandCampYouTube, Vimeo

Sheffield Rep. Orchestra: website, Facebook, Twitter

Shona Mooney: website, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia

Simon Dobson (composer): website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Simon Fisher Turner (composer): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, IMDb, YouTube, Vimeo

Sound and Silence: website, Twitter, YouTube

Ménilmontant (1926), one of the most beautiful and haunting of all silent films, scored by Sound and Silence

Stephen Horne: websiteSept 2009 interview, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, SoundCloud #2

Steven Severin: website, Facebook, Twitter, BandCampVimeo

3epkano: website, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, YouTubeVimeo

Tony Judge: website, Twitter, YouTube

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: website, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, Ukulelescope silent film show, Ukulelescope trailer

Unsilent Movies: website, Twitter

Wurlitza: website, FacebookTwitterTwitter #2blog (inactive), Feb 2015 articleJuly 2015 interview, YouTube, YouTube #2, SoundCloud


Alexander Rannie: website, IMDbYouTube

Alicia Svigals: website, website #2Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Vimeo #2

Alloy Orchestra: website, Facebook, Facebook groupTwitterWikipediaYouTube, Vimeo

Andrew Alden Ensemble: website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Andrew Rogers: websiteATOS

Anna Coogan: website, FacebookTwitter, Wikipedia, March 2016 articleMarch 2016 interview, BandCamp, YouTube

Arthur Barrow (composer): website (archived), Wikipedia

Ben Model: website, blog/podcast, altscore site (archived, Oct 2018 article), Facebook, Twitter, IMDbYouTube, Vimeopodcast

Berklee Silent Film Orchestra: Facebook, YouTubeYouTube #2, YouTube #3, podcasts: March and April 2012, June 2014

Bernie Anderson: website, FacebookATOS, Wikipedia, YouTube

Bill Rowland: website, ATOS, Aug 2014 interview, YouTube

Biograph Players: websiteYouTube

Blaine Gale: ATOS, YouTube

Bob Salisbury: ATOS, Sept 2014 articleYouTube

BQE Project: website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Brian Benison (composer): website, website #2, TwitterIMDb, Vimeo

Bruce Loeb: website, YouTube

Carl Hackert: ATOS

Christopher Caliendo: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Christian Elliott: website, ATOS, Facebook, Feb 2007 interview, YouTube

Clark Wilson: website, May 2013 interview, YouTube

Cliff Retallick: blog, Twitter, YouTube

Cloud Chamber Orchestra: Robby Aceto pageArtistTroveFacebook, Jan 2014 article, Jan 2014 reviewYouTubeVimeoSoundCloud

Club Foot Orchestra: website, FacebookWikipedia, Nov 2010 interview, YouTube, Vimeo

Dave Calendine: website, ATOS

Dean Cook: ATOS

David Drazin: website, Feb 2014 interview, YouTube, YouTube #2

Dean Mora: website, FacebookSilent Cinema Society, Sept 1992 | 2000s interview, YouTubeYouTube #2, Vimeo

Dennis James: ATOSWikipedia, 2009 Nitrateville thread, March 2015 interview, YouTube, YouTube #2

Dennis Scott: AtosClassical Connect, Facebook, YouTube

Devil Music Ensemble: website (archived), FacebookFree Music ArchiveBandCamp, YouTube

Don Kinnier: ATOS, GSTOS, Jan 2009 article

Donald Sosin and Joanna Seaton: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Nov 2013 interview, YouTubeYouTube #2, YouTube #3Vimeo

Donnie Rankin: website, March 2010 article

Don Springer: websiteATOS

Famous Players Orchestra: website, Facebook, Twitter, TumblrInstagramYouTube, YouTube #2

Flushing Remonstrance: website, Facebook, InstagramYouTubeVimeo

Franklin Stöver (composer): VersusMedia, Musicalics, YouTube

Frederick Hodges: website, YouTube

Gabriela Montero: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Gary Lucas: website, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo

Hesperus: website, Facebook, YouTube

Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra: website, blog, Facebook, Twitter

Invincible Czars: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud

Ivy Leaf Orchestra: website, Facebook, YouTube

Jay Warren aka Dennis Wolkowicz: website, YouTube

Jeff Rapsis: blog, Twitter, Jan 2014 interview, YouTube, Vimeo

Jeffrey Silverman (composer): website, IMDb, YouTube, YouTube #2

Jeff Weiler: ARTRA Artists, website, Facebook

Jelani Eddington: website, ATOS, YouTube

Jim Ford: ATOSMay | Sept | Dec 1722, 24, 2015 interviews

Jim Riggs: Albany UniversityJune 2000 | Dec 2014 article, YouTube, YouTube #2

John Scott (composer): website, website #2, Wikipedia, IMDb

Jonathan Allentoff (composer): website, Facebook, March 2015 interviewYouTube, Vimeo

Jon Mirsalis: biographyIMDb, July 2015 article, YouTube

Joseph Turrin (composer): website, Facebook, Wikipedia

Juan Cardona, Jr.: ATOSYouTube

Judy Rosenberg: website, Vimeo

Keith Taylor: website, CD BabyYouTube

Ken Double: website

Kenosha Kid: website, Facebook, Twitter, BandCamp, YouTube

Lance Luce: website, ATOS

Makia Matsumura: website, Twitter

Mark Andersen: ATOS, PSTOS

Mark Herman: website, ATOS, Facebook, Twitter, July 2012 article

Maria Newman (composer): website, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube

Marta Waterman: website

Michael Holmes: OrganFax

Michael Mortilla: website, Twitter, Sept 2009 interview, YouTube

Modern Robot: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo

Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra: website, YouTube, YouTube #2

Nathan Avakian: website, ATOS, TTOS, May 2010 articleYouTube, YouTube #2SoundCloud

Not So Silent Cinema: website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo

Paragon Ragtime Orchestra: website, Facebook, YouTube

Patrick Sheehan: ATOS

Paul Buscarello aka Fauxdephone: Facebook, Dec 2013Feb 2015 interview, Feb 2016 article, BandCampYouTube, YouTube #2

Paul Mercer: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeYouTube #2

Peter Krasinksi: website, Jan 2014 interview, YouTube, YouTube #2

Philip Carli: websiteFeb 2015 interview, YouTubeVimeo

Plastik Factory: website, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud

Ragtime Skedaddlers: Facebook, BandCamp

Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra: website (archived), Facebook, TumblrWikipediaYouTube, BandCampSoundCloud

Reel Orchestrette: website, YouTube, Vimeo

Reese Project: website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeYouTube #2

Richard Einhorn: website, Facebook, Wikipedia, March 2015 interview, YouTube

Robert Edwards: GigMasters

Robert Israel (composer): website, YouTubeYouTube #2, Vimeo

Rob Richards: ATOS, FacebookJuly 2006 | June 2014 article

Ron Carter: ATOS, Earl Smith Strand Theatre, YouTube

Ron Rhode: website, ATOS, Sierra Chapter ATOSSilent Sundays

RPM Orchestra: blog, FacebookWikipedia, Vimeo

San Francisco Chamber Orchestra: website, Facebook, TwitterWikipedia, YouTube

Scott Foppiano: ATOS

SEMYO (Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras): website, Facebook

Shauna Pickett-Gordon: website, Aug 2014 article, YouTube

Silent Orchestra: website, Facebook, Twitter

Snark Ensemble: website, 2009 interviewYouTube, YouTube #2, YouTube #3

Steven Ball: website, ATOSJuly 2005 interview, April 2015 | Sept 2015 article, YouTubeYouTube #2

Steve Sterner: websiteJan 2005 | July 2013 article, Vimeo

Terry Jordan: ATOS, Jan 2009 article

Timothy Brock (composer): website, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Vimeo, Nov 2009 interview (French and German), May 2016 interview

Timothy Howard: website, Twitter, YouTube

Tim Schramm: websiteATOS, TheatreOrgans

Todd Wilson: Karen McFarlane Artists Inc., Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland Institute of MusicWikipedia, Oct 2009 interview (PDF), YouTube

Tom Helms: Aldersgate UMCApril 2015 | Sept 2015 article, YouTube

Tommy Stark: ATOS

Tom Peters: website, UdemyBCCMTwitter, May 2010 interview, April 2013 reviewYouTube, YouTube #2SoundCloud

Vivek Maddala (composer): websiteWikipediaIMDbYouTube

William Perry: website, Wikipedia, IMDbJune 2014 interviewYouTube, YouTube #2

WTAMU (West Texas A&M University) Symphony Orchestra: website, Facebook, YouTube

Yakov Gubanov: website, Facebook, Sept 2007 articleVimeo

Hall of Fame

Silent movies were never really silent. There was always a piano in the pit, an organ, a little combo or even a symphony orchestra, describing in musical terms the action on the screen. That image up there, and your reaction to it, is tied together by the music. It creates a sort of a happening, and if the music were to stop you’d miss it. It’s my job to interpret, underscore and punctuate the movie without gettin’ in the way. And the reason I play an overture before the movie is that after the picture starts and you’ve forgotten I’m here, I want you all to know how hard I’ll be workin’!” – Gaylord Carter’s regular introduction

Legendary Theatre Organists (1987) presented by Gaylord Carter


Aljoscha Zimmermann (1944–2009): website, Wikipedia, IMDbWhen Silence Sings (2011) documentary, trailer, trailer #2

Peter Schirmann (1935–, composer, inactive): website bio and résumé, WikipediaIMDbNosferatu score

Steven Garling (1968–2008): website, Parocktikum Wikiobituary, K-Netz forum tribute

Willy Sommerfeld (1904–2007): website, Die Welt obituary, Wikipedia, records on AmazonYouTube


Arthur Dulay (1891–1971): website, BFI, IMDb, records on Amazon

Ena Baga (1906–2004): The Stage | Telegraph obituary, Wikipedia, IMDbFindaGraverecords on AmazonYouTube

Florence De Jong (1894–1990): Wikipedia, IMDbBritish Pathé short (1939), BBC R4 Desert Island Discs (1973)

Encore for the Mighty Organ (1973) and Wurlitzer in the House (1979) UK TV documentaries featuring sisters Ena and Florence

Reginald Foort (1893–1980): Wikipedia, FindaGrave78rpm discographyThe Cinema Organ (1932) extract, books and records on Amazon, YouTubeYouTube #2, BBC R4 Desert Island Discs (1971)


Arthur Kleiner (1903–1980): Wikipedia, Minnesota University: AK Silent Movie Music Collection | CV | Inventory | Scores | Recordings, Music for Silent Comedies (196?) LP, Musical Moods from the Silent Films (196?) LP, Hollywood’s Musical Moods (1973) | description

Bob Mitchell (1912–2009): LA Times | Telegraph obituary, Wikipedia, IMDb, FindaGraveMitchell ChoirboysDimitri Tiomkin collaborationsYouTube, Vimeo

Bob Vaughn (1911–2002): SFGAT | Independent obituary, 2002 alt.movies.silent thread

Eric Beheim (19??–, inactive): Old Time Radio, March 2001 article, YouTube

Gaylord Carter (1905–2000): GuardianLA Times obituary, WikipediaIMDbFindaGraveThe Million Dollar Life of Gaylord Carter (1995), records on AmazonYouTube, YouTube #2, YouTube #3, YouTube #4

Helen Anderson Crawford (1899–1943): FindaGraveYouTube

Jesse Crawford (1895–1962): Wikipedia, IMDb, TheatreOrgans, VirtualOrgans, FindaGrave, JC Papers at AOIAL, JC Letters at ATOSThe JC Organ Courses: Elementary Course (1949, PDF), JC: Poet of the Organ; Wizard of the Mighty Wurlitzer (1974), 1986 author letter, books and records on AmazonYouTube

John Muri (1906–2001): Facebook group, Silents are Golden | CATO obituary, 2006 Piano World forum thread, books and records on AmazonYouTube

Lee Erwin (1908–2000): FacebookNY Times obituary, AllMusic bio, Huntsville History, LE Collection at Florida State University, Discogsrecords and sheet music on Amazon, An American Organist in Paris: The Letters of Lee Orville Erwin, 1930-1931, YouTube, YouTube #2, Sept 2000 npr tribute

Louis “Lou” McMahon (?–2016): IMDb, Grapevine Video scores | #2Captain Celluloid vs. the Film Pirates (1966): Grapevine DVD | Sinister DVD/DV, forum thread

Ray Brubacher (1940–2014): Frederick News-Post | At the Matinée obituary, Thanhouser, Dec 1990 Associated Press | Oct 2005 Washington Times | Feb 2011 Gazette article, The Last One: The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ (2010) documentary

Rosa Rio (1902–2010): Tampa Bay Times | Washington Post obituary, ATOS, Wikipedia, Feb 1971 | July 2006 interview, records, videos and sheet music on AmazonYouTube

Stuart Oderman (1940–, inactive): April 2008 | Jan 2009 | Feb 2009 article, Oct 2011 interviewbooks on Amazon, The Lumière Brothers’ First Films (1996) documentary

Greta Garbo playing a piano in Torrent (1926)

Greta Garbo in Torrent (1926)

Entry criteria

Note that this is a practical resource for folk seeking active silent musicians, not simply a list of everyone who’s ever accompanied a silent film. Those who have only scored one or two silents are largely avoided, unless they were particularly significant projects. Dozens of acts with no useful online presence have also been omitted; in most cases that means either they don’t work with silents regularly or aren’t interested in alerting people to the fact! Please supply links to as many of the following as possible:

  • At least one contact link and verification of being active (performance listings, recent reviews, etc.) – essential.
  • Website, blog, Facebook business page, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, BandCamp, Wikipedia, IMDb, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, etc.
  • Anything else of relevance: articles, interviews, books, recordings, etc.
  • No links or accounts requiring a log in to view: LinkedIn, Spotify, etc.
  • No personal details – addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. – but links to other sites featuring them are ok.

Post your suggestions in the comments or email: Brenton Film email address


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