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Bootlegs Galore: The Great Alfred Hitchcock Rip-off

Contrary to popular belief, NONE of Hitchcock’s films are in the public domain – anywhere Years of speculation and misinformation by cocksure commentators muddy the waters The most pirated classic


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide

First part of an in-depth series with a unique viewpoint on the Master of Suspense Reclaiming the roots of Hitchcock: focusing on the iconic director’s British years Best known for his


Beware of Pirates! How to Avoid Bootleg Blu-rays and DVDs, Part 2

Pirate Companies and Distribution There are seemingly endless numbers of pirate labels, all hiding in plain sight Pointing the finger at those hardest to spot: those based in the Western


Multiple-Language Version Film Collectors’ Guide, Part 3

1933–1938 Films The international solution to language-restricted talkies passes its peak years However, many classics were yet to be made before the advent of WWII ended the practise The advent


Anthony Asquith’s Shooting Stars Makes Dazzling Début on BFI Blu-ray and DVD

Giveaway: Win BFI Blu-ray/DVD Sets of Anthony Asquith’s Shooting Stars! Following the British Film Institute’s acclaimed restorations of wunderkind British director Anthony Asquith’s Underground (1928) and A Cottage on Dartmoor (1929), it’s


The Birth of a Nation: Controversial Classic Gets a Definitive New Restoration

Giveaway: Win Two Brilliant BFI Birth of a Nation Blu-ray Sets! Landmark film still generates headlines and fierce debate over a century after original release Photoplay’s Patrick Stanbury recounts the tale


Beware of Pirates! How to Avoid Bootleg Blu-rays and DVDs

Overview, the Public Domain and Spotting Fakes Avast, me hearties! There be pirates and bootleggers on the horizon Robbing honest traders for years but it’s time to make them walk


Multiple-Language Version Film Collectors’ Guide

1930 Films Q: What do the following have in common? Laurel and Hardy, Greta Garbo, Buster Keaton, Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock, John Wayne, Dracula and Fritz Lang. A: They all


London’s Hollywood: The Gainsborough Film Studio’s Silent Years

Film historian Gary Chapman delivers definitive study of seminal British film studio’s illustrious beginnings Originally called the Islington studio, it’s a fascinating glimpse of its history and magnificent silent-era output Featuring a cast of


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide

Charlie Chaplin is the most popular and enduring star of the silent era But his films on home video are a minefield for collectors everywhere Working out where to start