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Arnold Ridley Collectors’ Guide

Brilliant British actor, playwright and author ended career in most popular role From the British Army, via The Wrecker and The Ghost Train to Dad’s Army Many beloved tales burst


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Ring (1927)

The Master of Suspense turns in a technical tour de force in this prize winning tale Danish actor Carl Brisson, star of two Hitchcocks, suffers a hit in love in both


Raymond Rohauer: King of the Film Freebooters by William K. Everson

Infamous nitrate era film collector and one of its most contentious figures He lied, stole and bullied his way into ownership of a vast archive of rarities Retained an army of


Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide, Part 5

David Shepard and Eureka Versions After years of cult popularity, Nosferatu finally made its quality home video début Its source was the same print that spawned the so-called “public domain


The Making of Stan Laurel: Echoes of a British Boyhood

The Making of Stan Laurel: Echoes of a British Boyhood author Danny Lawrence reminds us of Stan’s contribution to film comedy and lasting influence on this, the 50th anniversary of


Multiple-Language Version Film Collectors’ Guide

1930 Films Q: What do the following have in common? Laurel and Hardy, Greta Garbo, Buster Keaton, Marlene Dietrich, Alfred Hitchcock, John Wayne, Dracula and Fritz Lang. A: They all


A Veteran at 21: Chatting With Actor and Silent Film Musician Seamas Carey

When is a piano not a piano? When it belongs to accomplished actor, musician and playwright, Seamas Carey! Taking it from the top: this multi-talented young man fills us in on