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Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 6

Essanay and Mutual Restored in HD Covering the definitive editions of the Little Tramp’s pivotal short films They’re the closest ever to the versions Chaplin’s original audiences saw Now with


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 5

Essanay and Mutual 1980s–2000s Restorations For many years the Little Tramp’s mid-1910s films were inaccessible and languished in poor condition In the 1980s, film preservationist David Shepard fully restored them


Charting Charlie Chaplin on Criterion Blu-ray and DVD

Tracking the US Criterion Collection’s periodic release of Chaplin’s 1918–1957 output on disc Trickling out each one over a period of several years, they’re taking their time and doing it