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Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog (1926), Part 2

Restorations and home video releases A Story of the Home Video Fog: for every quality release, many awful ones lurk to catch the unwary The Lodger languished in multitudes of


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: Blackmail (1929), Part 2

Restoration and home video releases Detailing restoration and quality home video releases of this groundbreaker Shot in two separate versions: the Master’s final silent and first sound film The silent version


Alma Reville: The Power Behind Hitchcock’s Throne

Celebrating the 120th birthday of a hugely underrated pioneer of British cinema Giving credit where it’s due: she was one half of the best filmmaking duo in history Alfred Hitchcock was loyally


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Farmer’s Wife (1928)

The Master’s uproarious first comedy is stuffed with oddballs and eccentrics It’s full of good old-fashioned English humour, from gentle to earthy and bawdy With slapstick and even subtle smut,


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: The Ring (1927)

The Master of Suspense turns in a technical tour de force in this prize winning tale Danish actor Carl Brisson, star of two Hitchcocks, suffers a hit in love in both


Alfred Hitchcock Collectors’ Guide: Downhill (1927)

Not a murder in sight, but it’s still one of the darkest films in the Master’s canon The star of The Lodger returns to suffer again in another story of the


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 8

1918–1967 Shorts and Features in HD Charlie Chaplin Competition: Win Artificial Eye Blu-rays and DVDs! Concluding this definitive overview of the silent movie icon’s lengthy career This time it’s the


Silent Film Musicians Directory

The most comprehensive worldwide listing of musicians and composers ever published Find favourite accompanists or the right artist for your screening or scoring project There are currently around 400 entries


Making Yet More Noise: Interviewing the Women Behind the New BFI Suffragettes in Silent Film Collection

Rebecca Harrison interviews two of the prime movers in this groundbreaking and timely theatrical and DVD release From the determined expressions of women marching past cameras at protests, to the