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Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide, Part 7

Serenading the Undead: So Many Scores Count Orlok’s misdeeds have had countless different live and recorded scores over the years All those accompanying the various restorations on home video are


Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide, Part 6

1995 and 2006 Restorations Nosferatu’s metamorphosis continues with two new versions and many new sets of intertitles Both are equally complete and the only versions available on Blu-ray and HD digital


Nosferatu Unleashed in HD: Every Blu-ray Reviewed

Nosferatu (1922) is the earliest screen version of Dracula It’s one of the most popular and recognisable of all silent films Issued countless times on Betamax, VHS, LaserDisc and DVD


The Birth of a Nation: Controversial Classic Gets a Definitive New Restoration

Giveaway: Win Two Brilliant BFI Birth of a Nation Blu-ray Sets! This landmark film continues to generate headlines and fierce debate more than a century after its original release Photoplay’s Patrick


Kevin Brownlow’s Napoléon to Make Long-Awaited Début on Home Video

Napoléon (1927) Abel Gance’s Restored Epic in UK Cinemas November 2016–January 2017 Update: 28 July 2016 Press Release and BFI Blu-ray/DVD Details It’s true: noted film historian Kevin Brownlow’s magnum


Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide

“Nosferatu – Does this word not sound to thee like the midnight call of the Bird of Death? Take care in saying it, otherwise the images of life will fade to shadows, and ghostly dreams will rise from your heart and nourish themselves on your blood.”