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Silent Film Musicians Directory, Part 2

The Americas The most comprehensive worldwide listing of musicians and composers ever published Find favourite accompanists or the right artist for your screening or scoring project There are currently around


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide: A Burlesque on Carmen (1915)

Two big budget, dramatic versions of Carmen hit cinemas in 1915, inspiring Chaplin’s brilliant spoof But immediately on completion Chaplin’s original version disappeared, destroyed for decades Only mangled reissue edits


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 6

Essanay and Mutual Restored in HD Covering the definitive editions of the Little Tramp’s pivotal short films They’re the closest ever to the versions Chaplin’s original audiences saw Now with


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 5

Essanay and Mutual 1980s–2000s Restorations For many years the Little Tramp’s mid-1910s films were inaccessible and languished in poor condition In the 1980s, film preservationist David Shepard fully restored them


Charlie Chaplin Collectors’ Guide, Part 3

Early Reissues As the Little Tramp’s popularity grew, so did the scale and complexity of his films They became longer and more sophisticated as he moved to bigger studios Each time Chaplin moved on,