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Nosferatu Rises: Reincarnated in Sound

Count Orlok speaks! After a century of silent scares, the brooding vampire finally finds his voice Among Nosferatu’s many homages and reinterpretations are several transforming it into a talkie Most


Multiple-Language Version Film Collectors’ Guide, Part 3

1933–1938 Films The international solution to language-restricted talkies passes its peak years However, many classics were yet to be made before the advent of WWII ended the practise The advent


Nosferatu: History and Home Video Guide, Part 5

David Shepard and Eureka Versions After years of cult popularity, Nosferatu finally made its quality home video début Its source was the same print that spawned the so-called “public domain


A Veteran at 21: Chatting With Actor and Silent Film Musician Seamas Carey

When is a piano not a piano? When it belongs to accomplished actor, musician and playwright, Seamas Carey! Taking it from the top: this multi-talented young man fills us in on